Full Name

Dylan Ebert


02 May 1995 - Arlington, TX, USA




The University of Texas At Arlington

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science - 2013-Present


Heracleia Human-Centered Computing Lab

Research Assistant - 2014-Present

Technical Skills


Programming Languages

Human Languages


  • D. Ebert, S. Gupta, and F. Makedon, ”Ogma - A Virtual Reality Language Acquisition System,” Proceedings of the 9th ACM International Conference on PErvasive Technologies Related to Assistive Environments - PETRA ’16, 2016
  • D. Ebert, E. Becker, and F. Makedon, ”Assessing MyArms: A Novel System for Immersive VR Interaction,” Proceedings of the 2016 ASEE Gulf-Southwest Section Annual Conference - ASEE-GSW ’16
  • D. Ebert, V. Metsis, and F. Makedon, Development and evaluation of a unity-based, kinect-controlled avatar for physical rehabilitation, - PETRA ’15
  • K. Tsiakas, M. Papakostas, B. Chebaa, D. Ebert, V. Karkaletsis, and F. Makedon, ”An Interactve Learning and Adaptation Framework for Adaptive Robot Assisted Therapy,” - PETRA ’16
  • B. Chebaa, A. Lioulemes, M. Abujelala, D. Ebert, S. Phan, E. Becker, and F. Makedon, ”Multimodal Analysis of Serious Games for Cognitive and Physiological Assessment,” - PETRA ’16
  • A. Kalaivani, A. Mullapudi, D. Ebert, N. Phadnis, and R. Middha, ”HTKS Game for executive function disorders using NAO Robot” - PETRA ’16